Our Services

"Retirement Income Planning"  -  "Portfolio Construction"  -  "Estate Preservation"  -  "Legacy Planning"


Other financial disciplines in which our clientele show the most interest include, but are not limited to:

401(k) Rollovers

Charitable Giving

Long Term Care

These services are consistent with the Corporate Goals of LegacyUSA, Inc.:

1.    To give you honest counsel.

2.    To provide you with quality  --  in both plan design and product selection.

3.    To develop and implement professional financial strategies in coordination
       with the counsel of your other planning professionals
       (attorney, CPA, trust officer, etc…)

4.    To establish a long term relationship
with you through which we can assist
       you in being "good stewards of the resources" you plan to eventually

5.    To encourage charitable minded clientele to make charitable gifts to their
church" &/or "favorite ministries" &/or "favorite charities" out of
       the money we help you save in income, capital gains and estate taxes.


"So", you may ask, "given that The 5 Great Goals of Life are important to me, what can LegacyUSA do for me?"

1 > During the Accumulation Stage, LegacyUSA can . . .
                  design a portfolio to help you achieve your goals
                              [but is consistent with your risk tolerance]

2 > During the Distribution Stage, LegacyUSA can . . .
                  design a capital preservation model
                              [with appropriate income considerations]

3 > During the Legacy Stage, LegacyUSA can . . .
                  design a plan to help avoid or reduce
                              the Social Redistribution of your assets.

Even with this 3-stage approach as a fundamental premise, think on this quote from Thomas Edison:

“Vision without implementation is hallucination!”

Therefore, let us summarize for you the BELIEF SYSTEM adhered to by the financial professionals at LegacyUSA. It is this VISION that lends parameters to any financial consultation in which LegacyUSA participates - one best summarized again by one of our mentors, Nick Murray.

We believe:

1 > the fundamental risk is not losing one’s money, but outliving it.

2 > the only safety lies in the accretion of purchasing power.

3 > the great long-term risk of stocks is NOT owning them.

4 > the experience which most investors describe as a “bear market”
           can best be phrased - “Big Sale”.

5 > not in individual stocks, but in managed portfolios of stocks.

6 > dollar-cost averaging has the potential
            to make the dumbest person in the world wealthy.

[Dollar cost averaging does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.  For the strategy to be effective, you must continue to purchase shares in both up and down markets.  As such, an investor needs to consider his/her financial ability to continuously invest through periods of low price levels.]

7 > that risk doesn’t exist in markets; it exists in people;
            volatility exists in markets, & it can potentially be your best friend.

8 > you shouldn’t fear being in the next 25% downtick;
            you should fear not being in the next 100% uptick.

9 > prior to retirement, own as close to 100% equities as you can emotionally stand;
             after retirement, own as close to 100% equities as you can emotionally stand.

With any investment vehicle, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Investors should be aware that there are risks inherent in all investments, such as fluctuations in investment principal.

Once again quoting the founder of LegacyUSA, Michael White emphatically states . . .

To the friends and families we serve, this is the promise each individual financial professional at LegacyUSA makes to you:

"I will invest your capital and oversee your estate [and therefore your Legacy] as carefully as though it were my own, because I know your hopes for your future are every bit as sacred to you as mine are to me. Understand clearly that you are considering entrusting your family’s future to me - not to a particular investment plan –  not to an investment portfolio – BUT to me!”