Our Firm

"Let us focus, as passion and conviction demand, on the accretion of purchasing power
- that positive, long term return net of inflation and taxes -
and the preservation of a family legacy!"

Michael White, Founder, LegacyUSA, Inc.

Discipline and focus guide all our actions, whether we are executing the steps essential to our investment management processes or delivering responsive, quality service to you, your family and your business.

A complex world calls for comprehensive answers, and these options must provide for the coordination of design regarding the three phases of your financial lives:

      you accumulate assets for the lifestyle you desire in later years;

      your accumulation asset base drives an income stream for your chosen lifestyle;

      you avoid or reduce the social redistribution of what you have created
               - but more importantly -
                            you plan accordingly to "pass on more than just money!".

In assisting with your goals and objectives, we are dedicated to providing the guidance you and your family require as well as effective answers to the financial challenges you will face over your lifetime.

We succeed when you succeed! Our committment is to continually help you and your family build and implement strategies to achieve a prudent balance between risk and reward over time. Only then will we rightfully earn your trust - the measure of success we value most highly!

This same Discipline and Focus, which guides our actions, flow from...
                                 "The Five Great Goals of Life"
...best stated by one of our mentors, well-know financial author and educator, Mr. Nick Murray:

1 > The endowment of a long, comfortable, and worry-free retirement, with no
      compromise in lifestyle and no real concern about ever running out of money.

2 > The need/desire to intervene meaningfully in the financial lives of one’s children,
      during one’s lifetime and/or in the form of legacies.

3 > The ability to fund, in whole or large part, the education of one’s grandchildren.

4 > The capacity to provide quality care to one’s parents in their later years.

5 > The ability to make a meaningful legacy to a much loved school, church, charity,
      or other institution.